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"Take the key. Get to the Sigil Keep, and find the Sigil Stone. It's the only way."
―Menien Goneld[src]

Menien Goneld quote

Menien Goneld is a Kvatch Guard who was captured by the Daedra when Savlian Matius sent a contingent of guards into the Breaking the Siege of Kvatch. After entering the gate, the guards were ambushed and Menien was captured. He is taken to one of the towers and placed in a cage.


Find the HeirEdit

While captured, he somehow learns how to close the Oblivion Gate and where to find the Sigil Stone. He shares his information with the Hero, who was sent by Ilend Vonius to save him. Menien will tell them to leave him and hurry to the stone and to shut the gate. His final fate is unknown.



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  • He can be found in Anvil, offering dialogue options about the attack on the Chapel and the Prophet.
  • After serving time in any city jail, using certain console commands, or other unconfirmed means, Menien can be appear outside of his Oblivion plane. He will stand and cower, which is his normal animation, but usually he has no dialogue and cannot be spoken to or removed without the use of console commands, as he is still set to essential. If attacked, it will count as assault, and he will flee while the guards attempt to arrest the Hero.


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