Menlin, otherwise known as Acolyte Menlin, is a character who resides in Azra's Crossing and can be found in the temple. She is distraught because the herbs the temple held had been stolen by bandits, and she was in charge of maintaining them. She asks the Hero to retrieve them for her, as part of the main quest.[1]


Herb QuestEdit



  • "The bandits sacked our storehouse. Can you help?" —Upon talking to her for the first time
  • "We need our herbs. They packed them on those damn rats." —If the player agrees to help
  • "They left the village along the stream. Bring. Me those herbs." —If the player asks where the bandits went
  • "The herbs! You wrested them from those rats! Perhaps you could aid our Priestess as well? Priestess Almathea awaits you."