"New in town? Try not to step on any toes. These Morkul Orcs are a temperamental bunch."

Menninia is a Bosmer found in the Clan Longhouse in Morkul Stronghold, Wrothgar.


The Skin TradeEdit


Show: The Skin Trade

"So you're Guruzug's hatchet hand? Excellent! You seem like the dangerous sort. I expect you'll have no trouble with a few stray werewolves and their flea-bitten leader."

I'm told you want the werewolf leader killed. "I do. He's called Magnar. From what I hear, he's as mangy as they come, so his skin's worthless. Well, mostly worthless. Someone might want it as a specialty item—to hang on the wall and tell stories about, y'know? But it's not worth the trouble."
Stories? "Yeah. War stories, y'know? Tall tales. People love hanging dead things on walls and talking about them. Y'ffre's bones, you can't walk five paces in Grahtwood without hearing about someone's prized boar head. These Orcs are just as bad."
How's that? "Just look around! Have you ever seen so many severed heads in one place? It's enough to make an executioner blush. But like I always say, one mer's obsession is another mer's gain. If they want a filthy old werewolf pelt, I'll see that they get it."
Why do you want these werewolf pelts? "To sell them, of course! Alchemists and armorsmiths pay out the ears for genuine werewolf leather. And then there are the nutcrackers that sew them into costumes and such."
Costumes? "You've not heard of these Wayrest dandies and their dress-up parties? Oh it's a hoot! Big sweaty Bretons squeezing into deer skins, Redguards prancing around wearing old bearskin rugs—it's hilarous!"
So people dress up like werewolves? "Sure do. And more importantly, they pay top coin to do it. I don't judge. We've all got hobbies. Far as I'm concerned, people can dress up like Molag Bal himself if they're willing to pay me this much to make it happen."

After bringing Menninia the furs:

"Back already? Excellent! I assume you've got something for me?"

I've retrieved those werewolf pelts and killed their pack leader. Ah, excellent. These pelts look perfect! Well, maybe not perfect—but it's not as if the werewolves were happy to hand their skins over, am I right? Well done. Here's your payment. I hope we can work together again soon.