"She has a small alchemy shop in Vos. She might be there, but if she isn't she's the only Bosmer in town so she shouldn't be that hard to track down."
―Vos citizen

Menwendel is a Bosmer mycologist who owns a shop in Vos on Vvardenfell. She occasionally assists Mistress Dratha with her tower at Tel Mora.


Exposing SavarakEdit

Uncover evidence of Savarak's involvement of sabotage against Dratha and the citizens of Vos.

Reclaiming VosEdit

Retake Vos from Savarak's forces.


  • "Am I okay? I'm furious! Those thugs broke into my shop, stabbed Boren and grabbed me up like a sack of cabbage! Why would they do this? I've never done anything to cross Savarak."
  • "Mistress Dratha? You mean… oh, well that's certainly a simpler explanation. I noticed something was wrong with Mistress Dratha's tower a few weeks ago. I developed many hypotheses as to what could have caused it, but I didn't think of sabotage."
  • "The mushroom tower was… sick, for lack of a better term. I'd never seen anything like it before. Parts of it were withering, and it was expelling spores that would likely be quite hazardous to anyone breathing them for too long. I cured it."
  • "It must be. But why would they want to poison the tower? It's so beautiful! I wonder if this is related to all of those crates they're keeping in their secret cave?"
  • "I saw a bunch of Savarak's men hauling carts from a boat into a cave to the south. Shortly after that is when I had to cure the mushroom tower. Maybe they have some kind of alchemical concoction capable of poisoning Telvanni towers?"