For the Dragonborn location, see Shrine of Mephala.

Mephala's Shrine is northeast of the Imperial City in the Great Forest region. It is located northeast of the Roxey Inn and southeast of Anga. The area is shaded by trees and some large boulders behind the statue.


The shrine is attended by the supplicants Rona and Ciindil, but it is run by the priest, Dredena Hlavel. A few Summer Bolete and a Green Stain Cup are the only alchemical plants of import in the immediate vicinity of the area.



In order to get Mephala to speak with the Hero they must give an offering of Nightshade between midnight and dawn and be at or above level 15.

With nightshade in hand, walk up to Mephala to offer them and she will speak. She talks about Bleaker's Way, a quiet town with its Dunmer and Nord villagers living together peacefully. Mephala wishes that changed.


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