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Mephala's Skill is a spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that lets the target blend into the surroundings so no one can see him while at the same time raises the subject's chance of making a successful attack with a weapon or hand-to-hand attack.


  • Chameleon – 50% degree of concealment for 60 seconds on self.
  • Fortify Attack – 10% higher chance of making a successful attack for 60 seconds on self..


Mephala's Skill is rewarded to the Nerevarine for completing the quest "Threads of the Webspinner."


  • In earlier versions (pre 1.2) of the game, this spell also included a Fortify Skill effect, which boosted Shortblade by 10 points, and was the only source for the Fortify Skill spell effect in the original game.


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