"We're just Meram and Bardun—lovers, partners, and the best bounty hunters west of Morrowind. We came to Wrothgar and set up shop, and it wasn't long before we had our fist paying customer."
―Meram Farr[src]

Meram Farr is a Dunmer bounty hunter found near the entrance to the Thukhozod's Sanctum in Wrothgar. She is married to her business partner Bardun.


Thukhozod the EternalEdit

Bardun and Meram Farr had taken a contract to find and return Khoruzoth to his mother Yazoga. But after entering the Thukhozod's Sanctum Bardun got scared off by the undead and twisted his ankle.

After the Vestige find the pair of bounty hunters, he is offered a share of the bounty if Khoruzoth is brought back from the Ayleid ruin.

When Vestige returns and tells Meram, that Khoruzoth is dead, she is insists that Vestige should sell the amulet found on the dead Orsimer to her, in order to make some profit, because his mother would not pay for the bad news.


Show: Thukhozod the Eternal

"Don't worry, my partner will be all right. He just twisted his ankle running out of that damned ruin. Bardun's pride will hurt more than his injury come morning. That and our empry gold pouch. Should have known this job sounded too easy!"

What job might that be? "We were sent to find Khoruzoth, who's supposedly inside the ruin. His mother hired us. Said we had to save her son. There was something about her, like she wasn't totally forthcoming. But the gold she offered was good enough that we didn't press it."
Maybe I can help. "Sure, a sub-contract, as it were. For a share of the gold, of course. Maybe you'll have better luck in there than we did. Or, at least, you won't have to deal with quite as many skeletons."
I'll look for Khoruzoth. "Just be careful in there. Those ruins can be dangerous—even when you're as experienced as Bardun over there."
I need a little more information before I head into the ruins. "Asking questions and getting the lay of the land, I like that. Shows you're as professional and as dedicated as we are. And smart, too. Go ahead. Ask your questions. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we all get paid."
What is this place? "The locals call it Thukhozod's Sanctum. Some guar-spit tale about an Orc who's lived here for centuries. Not a lich or a vampire or anything like that, mind you. Just an actual, immortal, lives-forever-and-ever Orc. Have you ever heard such nonsense?"
Who are you and how did you get involved? "We're just Meram and Bardun - lovers, partners, and the best bounty hunters west of Morrowind. We came to Wrothgar and set up shop, and it wasn't long before we had our fist paying customer. If only Bardun hadn't hurt his damn ankle ...."
What's so important about an Orc named Khoruzoth? "Nothing special, as far as I can tell. Nothing other than the gold his mother is paying us to find him and bring him back home. Come to think of it, that makes him doubly special in my mind. I don't know about you, but I enjoy getting paid."

After Vestige returns with the Bone Amulet:

"Glad to see you made it out of there without twisting your ankle or anything. But I don't see our contract target. You weren't able to find Khoruzoth, I take it?"

Khoruzoth is dead. "Dead? I guess that shouldn't be a surprise, but when I talked to his mother I got the distinct impression that he wasn't in any real danger. It was like she expected him to be safe in there. She just wanted us to bring him home."
I guess that's the end of the contract. "You're right, but this won't do at all. She's not going to pay us if we tell her that she lost her son, especially not without some sort of proof that we actually found him. What a waste of time and energy."
Khoruzoth was wearing this amulet. "Let me see that. Interesting. It's inscribed with the names Khoruzoth and Thukhozod. Now that might be worth something, especially with the legend and all. I'll give you the gold we discussed and you give us the amulet. Sound good?"
I'll consider your offer. "What's to consider? It's just a worthless piece of jewelry unless you find a buyer. We'll do the legwork and make a profit while you get paid here and now. Everyone wins. I mean, there's no point in giving it to Khoruzoth's mother, right?"
I might be willing to part with the amulet. [?]