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First Entry: After many months, my beloved grows weaker and I feel more and more powerless. The Guild Mages say there is nothing that can be done, but I refuse to believe it. They simply lack creativity and the will to save her. I possess both.

My initial experiments into reviving dead flesh show promise. I am hopeful that soon I will have discovered a method to reverse this necrotic disease that afflicts my beloved...

Second and Final Entry: My beloved died today. The Guild Mages came to confront me. For the first time since my beloved fell ill, I saw the monstrosities I had created in my single-minded effort to save her. The people of this city look at me ruefully, like I am some kind of monster myself.

Mercifully, the Guild Mages have offered me a place with the Thalmor in Woodhearth, far away from these memories and my terrible mistakes. A new start will be good, I think.


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