Mercator Hosidus is the steward of Janus Hassildor, the Count of Skingrad. Besides being a rude servant, he is also a necromancer.


Ulterior MotivesEdit

As part of their investigation of the necromancers and the deaths of their two mages, Raminus Polus asks that the Hero head to Skingrad and retrieve a book from Count Janus Hassildor. Mercator is one of the two people the Hero may talk to if they wish to speak to the Count (the other being Hal-Liurz).

He lures them outside the City Wall and ambushes them with two other loyal necromancers, after which Mercator Hosidus will die during the battle. He was the second of Mannimarco's lieutenants to be killed.



"A pleasure to speak with you."

Buy a house in town "You'll have to speak with Shum gro-Yarug about that. He's the only one that can handle the deed."

Allies for BrumaEdit

"A pleasure to speak with you."

Aid for Bruma "I believe the Count may want to handle this matter personally. Wait here. I will tell the Count you are waiting to see him."

(After closing the Gate)
"Your bravery is the talk of Skingrad. Well done!"


  • The word "mercator" is Latin for "merchant."
  • Mercator's dialogue tones are different depending if the Hero arrived the mine earlier than him or not. If the Hero arrived there on time (after 2:00 am), he will simply say that they reached the mine on time and continue his dialogue in a calm tone. However, if the Hero reached there earlier than him (before 2:00), he will then say, "You're early, mage." and his following dialogues are much louder and bold, notably when he said, "So, you'll have to die!"