Mere-Glim, otherwise known as Wuthilul or Glim[1], was an Argonian who lived in Lilmoth, Black Marsh, four decades after the Oblivion Crisis, and 160 years before the return of Alduin. He is childhood friends with Annaïg Hoïnart, a Breton girl. Together they embark on a quest, to rid Tamriel of the demonic floating city of Umbriel.

According to the situation he was called by different names, even thinking in different ways. When he spoke to Imperial speaking people he was Mere-Glim the Argonian, which cut his thoughts into human shapes. When he spoke to his mother or siblings he was Wuthilul the Saxhleel. When he spoke with a Saxhleel from the deep forest, or even with a member of the An-Xileel, he was a Lukiul, “assimilated”, because his family had been living under Imperial ways for so long. When he spoke with Annaïg he was Glim.[1]

The Infernal CityEdit

Mere-Glim and Annaïg live together, spending their days sharing adventures and enjoying their evenings by drinking all of her father's wine. Early on they investigate someone Annaïg suspects of being a werecrocodile, only to get themselves caught in a Skooma den. Glim has cousins in Lilmoth whom he occasionally spends time with when not with Annaïg.

When Annaïg's father has her forcibly taken aboard a ship bound for Bravil to protect her from the approaching Umbriel city, Glim comes to her rescue and swims her to safety. They both agree to get as far away from Lilmoth as possible, but Glim is drawn back by the call of the Hist. Annaïg snaps him out of it and they drink a flying potion to escape Umbriel's army of undead, only for them to land on the floating city instead.

Not long afterwards the pair are separated with Annaïg being forced to work in one of the many "kitchens" that prepare soul-infused meals for the ruling lords and ladies of the city, while Glim is put to work tending the incubations that grow in the "Sump" due to his ability to breathe underwater. Here he forms a bond with the skraws, diminutive slaves that work there, who later come to view him as their savior.

With the help of a friend, Glim is able to contact Annaïg and together they make efforts to improve, and in some cases impede, their respective positions. Despite Annaïg's protests, Glim finds himself obliged to help the skraws by "encouraging" the lords to treat them better via sabotaging the Sump. This causes problems for Annaïg, whose success in the kitchens is impeded by Glim's rebellions.

Eventually, Annaïg develops and perfects another flying potion and they use it to fly off the island. However, they are forced to return when their bodies become incorporeal; as happens to all who dwell on Umbriel.

Lord of SoulsEdit

Mere-Glim continues his work with the skraws while Annaïg rises up the ladder, becoming the personal chef for Vuhon, the master of Umbriel. Through his friend, a Sump-grown woman with the physiology of a Dunmer, Glim discovers that the trees on Umbriel are similar to the Hist in Black Marsh, and is able to communicate with them. As the skraws' rebellion escalates, Glim unwittingly murders Annaïg's overseer, forcing her to take action against him.

Annaïg kills Glim by poisoning the Sump, but unbeknownst to her superiors, she was able to capture his soul in a gem and later uses her knowledge of the Sump to re-grow his body. Though confused and hurt by her actions, Glim puts it aside as he discovers that he can now hear the "songs" of the trees on the island and he vows to protect them.

Glim is forced to make a difficult decision when Prince Attrebus Mede and Sul arrive on Umbriel with the intent of killing Vuhon, who is possessed by the spirit of Umbra. Annaïg releases a toxin that threatens to kill the Hist, but is convinced to cure it at Glim's begging. He then helps the Prince reach the heart of the island and witnesses Umbra's defeat and return to the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile.

Afterward, Glim says his farewells to Annaïg and steers the island back to where the Hist came from, living in peace with the trees and his Dunmeri companion.


Annaig is known to have studied the "dead language" of Ehlnofex, which is similar to what the Vehrumas on Umbriel speak. Glim could not properly communicate with the inhabitants of Umbriel until he was given a potion of some kind by the overseer of the sump.[2]