"Thalfin's in charge. She's been waiting for you."

Merete quote

Merete is a Nord Battlemage and a member of the Mages Guild, holding the rank of Journeyman.



The Hero must lead a battalion of Battlemages through Silorn and steal the Colossal Black Soul Gem from the necromancers within. Merete and her companions, Iver and Thalfin, take up positions around the Ayleid Ruin of Silorn in order to ambush Falcar.

When asked about her abilities, Merete will say that she excelled at large-scale spells and is more effective with them than a sword. If the Hero positions her towards the front, she will say that she is disappointed, because she was not good at close-quarter combat. If she is positioned farther back, she will be excited, as she can now focus on using her spells to fight the enemy.

When Falcar emerges, a battle ensues. Merete can be killed in this battle, but if she survives she will remain at Silorn, forever guarding the ruins.