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Merhope Hall is a city in Wayrest, High Rock.


Merhope Hall is home to a Palace.


  • The Devil's Cat
  • The Devil's Chasm
  • The Dwarf and Priest
  • The Feather and Giant (east side of town)
  • The Feather and Giant (west side of town)
  • The Flying Chasm
  • The Lion and Porcupine
  • The Lucky Dragon
  • The Mole and Badger
  • The Mouse and Dragon
  • The Queen's Fawn
  • The Queen's Muskrat
  • The Queen's Sword
  • The Red Stag
  • The Screaming Muskrat


  • The Adventurer's Book Dealer
  • The Adventurer's Hockshop
  • Agryn's Fashion
  • The Bank of Wayrest
  • Bargain Bookstall
  • Bargain Jewelers
  • Doctor Agryrick's Gemstones
  • Doctor Bedastyr's Provisions
  • Doctor Theodastyr's Gemcutter
  • The King's Book Center
  • Lady Dunyctor's Gemcutter
  • Lady Gondyctor's Equipment
  • Lord Dunyn's Merchandise
  • Lord Theodyval's Bookseller
  • Merhope Hall Blacksmith
  • Merhope Hall Metalworks
  • Mordore's Jewelry
  • The Odd Bijoutry
  • The Odd Jewelry
  • Theodywyr's Equipment Store
  • Tristoryan's Armsmaker
  • Tristyval's Market
  • Vintage Smithy


  • The King's Seminary
  • The Odd Library




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