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Meridia's Shrine

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Meridia's Shrine
Meridia's Shrine
Meridia's Shrine MapLocation
West of Skingrad
Offering: Ectoplasm, Bonemeal,
or Mort Flesh
Req. Level: 10
Ring of Khajiiti
For the Skyrim version, see Statue to Meridia.

Meridia's Shrine is a Daedric shrine located west of the Cursed Mine and it is tended by Javolia Maborel, Demetrius and its priest Basil Ernarde.



Upon offering a sample of undead corpse matter, Meridia will awaken and speak to the Hero. They learn that, unlike other Daedric Princes, Meridia loathes undead and makes it the charge of her followers to destroy them whenever possible.

She informs them that necromancers at Howling Cave loot and defile the graves of recently dead in order to create abominations of reanimated undead. The Hero is tasked to destroy them.

Plant lifeEdit

Morning glory grows on the shrine and there are some motherwort near it. A single flax and some alkanet are also present.

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