Meridia's Beacon is a quest item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


When Meridia's Beacon is picked up, the quest "The Break of Dawn" will begin. Meridia will demand that the Dragonborn take the beacon back to her statue in order to cleanse her temple of a mentioned "Darkness."

The Beacon can be found in almost any boss chest after level 12. However, if the Dragonborn interacts with the Statue to Meridia before finding the Beacon, the item's location will be given and a marker put on the World Map.


  • The beacon appears to be made of crystal, but is valued at 0 GoldIcon, likely due to the fact it is a quest item.
  • If the Dragonborn chooses not to take the beacon when it first spawns, they can always return to where it was originally found to fetch it later. Going to the Statue of Meridia and receiving the quest will enable a quest marker on the location.
  • When spawning in Cronvangr Cave, it may be in an egg sac next to the chest instead of in the chest.



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  • If one gets close to a dungeon, such as Haemar's Shame, the Beacon is removed from the inventory and placed into a Boss chest inside that dungeon.
  • After the Beacon is placed on the pedestal and the Dragonborn has spoken to Meridia in the air hovering above the shrine, there is a chance that one will be unable to come back down. Reload a save before interacting with the pedestal and try again.
  • If the Dragonborn has completed the Dark Brotherhood quest line and then try to get the beacon, it may show up in the Dawnstar sanctuary and be unobtainable in the torture room.


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