Merion is an Altmer found in the Tower of the Vale. He was a member of the Queen Ayrenn's entourage before being captured.


Depths of MadnessEdit

He must be rescued from "Merion's Bliss," an illusion created by Sanessalmo.



  • "The picture of true love, those two."
  • "If Merion dies here, he dies happy. You'd deny him that?"
  • "Merion's passions control him."
  • "He loves alchemy. Everyone mixes well with him."
  • "Merion's love is like a fine wine. So heady." (Malevolent Spirit).
  • "Its so easy to make Merion happy. For a time."
  • "Hell never turn from me, you know." (Malevolent Spirit)
  • "Merion finally finds love. As a slave."
  • "You cant get me out of his head, fool." (Malevolent Spirit)
  • "Don't ruin such an innocent love."
  • "No! Merion is mine! All mine!"
  • "True love denied? How interesting. How cruel."