Merriment and Mystery is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige wandered into Cragwallow, a small settlement used by the Skald-King's royal work crews. After a lot of hard work maintaining the roads, they're preparing to throw a party.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Berj Stoneheart.
  2. Choose one of the cooks.
    1. Talk to Heggvir Sun-Hair.
    2. Get a young goat from the mountain. OR
    3. Talk to Kalogar Cookpot.
    4. Get bear steaks.
      1. Hints: Place leftovers near Ironclaw's cave.
    5. Talk to Kalogar.
  3. Find Ralduf at the storehouse.
  4. Find the wolf with the key.
  5. Get mead for the party.
  6. Deliver mead to Berj.
  7. Ask a bard to play.
  8. Listen to the bard.
  9. Talk to Arvild Gray-Sky.
  10. Talk to three survivors.
  11. Talk to Arvild Gray-Sky.
  12. Search Cragwallow for the missing bard.
    1. Hints: Look for clues.
  13. Talk to Vestrek Raven-Eye.
  14. Enter the cave.
  15. Find Valding.
  16. Get the key from the Riekling Chieftain
  17. Destroy the Lute.
  18. Decide Valding's fate.
    1. Unlock the cage.


One can choose to open the bard's cage or leave him be.