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Farmsicon Merryfair Farm
Merryfair Farm
Merryfair Farm Map
Hold The Rift
Location Just northwest of Riften
Type Farm
Sublocations Merry Fair - Interior
Quests Bow to the Master
Characters Dravin Llanith

Synda Llanith

Location ID MerryfairFarmExterior

Merryfair Farm is a farm in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The farm is situated on the northern shore of Lake Honrich just northwest of the Riften Stables.

Merryfair Farm is the home of Dravin and Synda Llanith. They make a living growing wheat, cabbage and gourds. They have a cow and chicken. Dravin can often be seen working the flour mill.



  • Wheat, cabbages, and gourds can be sold to Synda Llanith.
  • There are two nests for harvesting chicken eggs.

Related questsEdit


  • Speaking to Dravin reveals that there was a recent break in at the farm. Among the loot that was pilfered was Dravin's Bow. He believes the Thieves Guild was behind the burglary and that they stashed his bow somewhere in the Ratways beneath Riften.


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