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"I think I'll do just fine. I'm a natural. Finder's keepers, right? And I'm a pretty good finder."

Methredhel quote

Methredhel is a Bosmer archer and Thieves Guild member who lives in her home in the Waterfront District of the Imperial City.


If the Hero wants to join the Thieves Guild, Methredhel is one of the adversaries, along with Amusei, in a race for Amantius Allectus' diary.

She gives messages to begin quests for the Gray Fox, along with giving directions in the Misdirection and The Elven Maiden quests. Carwen and Adanrel live in Methredhel's house.


May the Best Thief WinEdit

The Hero needs to prove their worth as a thief by stealing a diary from a house in the city. The twist is that they have two competitors who also wish to join the guild.

The Elven MaidenEdit

The Thieves Guild has a need to "acquire" Llathasa's Bust from her tomb. While the job looks simple, it has more to it than a simple theft.


Because of the recent events, Hieronymus Lex has pulled guards from all over the Imperial City to the Waterfront in an attempt to root out members of the guild including the Gray Fox.

Turning a Blind EyeEdit

Methredhel or Amusei appear in any major city with a message from the Gray Fox. The cowl-wearing leader resides in Helvius Cecia's House in Bruma.


  • "My name is Methredhel. I've come to the Imperial City to make my fortune."
  • "I think I'll do just fine. I'm a natural. Finder's keepers, right? And I'm a pretty good finder."
  • "I understand old Dovyn Aren can still teach a bit about Alteration."
  • "Take care."


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