Midiri Berathi is a Dunmer residing in Tel Aruhn, in Vvardenfell, under the employ of Magister Gothren. She will be guarding the tower entrance during the quest "Objections and Obstacles."


Objections and ObstaclesEdit

To get into the tower, the Vestige can either attempt to sneak past her, bribe her, or if attempt to persuade her by playing on her dislike of the Magister's Mouth, Ralasa Delvi.

Whichever choice is made, when the Vestige returns to Tel Aruhn during the quest "The Magister Makes a Move," she will have been reassigned to the docks, for which she blames them.


  • If the Vestige is an Argonian or a Khajiit, she will have this to say during their first meeting: "Oh, that's rich! You really think Magister Gothren would open his doors to a tail-arsed s'wit like you?"