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"I don't have much of a reputation in Skyrim yet, but I'm working on that, one sweet lady at a time. Haha!"


Mikael is a Nord bard in Whiterun. He tries to gain a reputation for his flirtatious behavior with women, whether or not it is desired.


Located inside The Bannered Mare, he sings or plays his lute upon request. In a questCarlotta Valentia asks the Dragonborn to talk to him about leaving her alone. He can be persuaded, paid-off, or brawled. After he is convinced to leave her alone, Carlotta Valentia presents a reward of leveled GoldIcon.

He has great respect for the Dragonborn, and dedicates the song Tale of the Tongues to them before playing it, like most bards.


Mikael is a very boastful and flirtatious man and has a very inflated opinion of himself, as evidenced by the fact that he claims to be a master at womanizing, though his intended targets usually feel discomfort around him. He also believes himself to be famous, stating that it is likely for strangers to know him and thinking that people in Cyrodiil still talk about him, though this is likely delusional self-fantasy. Sometime prior to the events of Skyrim, he worked as a bard travelling through Cyrodiil.

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  • "I'm a bard by trade. Perhaps you've heard of me?"
  • "No doubt they still tell tales of Mikael and his sweet songs across Cyrodiil, where last I traveled."
  • "I enjoy steady patronage in The Bannered Mare. I do hope you'll watch me perform."
  • "I don't have much of a reputation in Skyrim yet, but I'm working on that, one sweet lady at a time. Haha!"
  • "If it's a lady you're looking for, you best look elsewhere. Once Mikael gets them, they're got."
  • "Some parting advice: women love sonnets."
  • "Yeah. Take care of yourself."
  • "It's the leaving that's hardest, I know." ―If the Dragonborn is female.


  • He is the author of A Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun.
  • He is a possible hostage being held during "Rescue Mission".
  • If he is killed, he is cremated and his remains are stored in Mikael's Burial Urn in the Whiterun Catacombs.
  • Jon Battle-Born thinks him a milk drinker and an embarrassment to bards.
  • He is interested in Carlotta Valentia, but will somewhat flirt with a female Dragonborn: "It's the leaving that's hardest, I know."
  • It is implied that he had to leave the Bards College because he had an affair with a headmistress.
  • He was voiced by Jason Marsden.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   Sometimes when in Riften, he will talk as if he were still in Whiterun.
  • If he is brawled, while on the ground he can still play songs.


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