"We have many customs I suppose will seem odd to you. Never fear. You seem odd to us, too. Please bear in mind, we don't eat with our hands or appreciate inappropriate displays of public nudity. Or burping. We consider that to be particularly rude."
―Milvela Uvayn[src]

Milvena Uvayn is a Dunmer commoner residing in the Saint Delyn Waistworks of Vivec City.


  • "This beautiful city must be a treat for an outlander like yourself. I'm sure you're ignorant of our many customs, but don't worry. No one expects that much from you."
  • "Welcome to the centre of culture in all of Vvardenfell! You must visit our library. Bradyn is working on the most wonderful project there. You do know how to read, don't you? Oh, what am I saying! You can always learn."