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"Scrolls of summoning are, without exception, based on the Law of Similarity as you must know. While others use parts of the creature, such as Daedra skin for summoning Daedra, I have developed a new methods, based on a recovered Dwemer machine. My scrolls only have an image of the Daedra, which works almost as well as a Daedra skin or heart... And at a fraction of the cost."
―Milyn Faram[src]

Milyn Faram's Scroll is a Conjuration scroll in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind developed by Milyn Faram.


Milyn Faram's Scroll calls forth a Daedroth to temporarily fight alongside the caster for 60 seconds.


This scroll's inscription reads:



  • Seven scrolls can be received from Milyn if the Nerevarine assists him with the research he is conducting in Odirniran.
  • A Milyn Faram's Scroll can be found in Assu
  • Can be found as random loot. There are 260 instances that it can possibly spawn.


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