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Mind and Body Ring

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Mind and Body Ring
Weight 1 WeightIcon
Value 2030 - 3030 GoldIcon
Class Ring
Enchantment Reflect Damage, Fortify Strength
FormID See table

The Mind and Body Ring is an enchanted ring in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is given as a reward at the end of the quest "Mystery at Harlun's Watch".


Jewlery Level GoldIcon WeightIcon Enchantments Item ID
1-9 2030 1 Reflect Damage 4%
Fortify Strength 4 pts
10-19 4030 1 Reflect Damage 8%
Fortify Strength 8 pts
20+ 3030 1 Reflect Damage 6%
Fortify Strength 6 pts
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of Mercantile skill or NPC disposition.
  • Note: The level 20+ ring is actually weaker than the level 10-19 ring.


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