For other uses, see Mirabelle Ervine.

Mirabelle Monet is the Breton proprietor of The Fo'c's'le located at the Anvil docks. She is also a Journeyman Sneak Trainer.


She is known to be very promiscuous, sleeping with sailors like Krognak gro-Brok, but especially favors Thurindil. Her routine usually comprises her going from bed to bed of her tenants of The Fo'c's'le. Once she gets bored of that, she awakes and eats breakfast at the Flowing Bowl.

She is middle-classed and carries apparel respective of the fact. She also carries a Iron Dagger and a small amount of gold.


  • The hour of when she awakes depends on the sailor. Usually she awakes at 8am, but if the partner is Thurindil she stays in bed until 10am.