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"Hear now, the lesson of the divine body."
―Mirnor of Auri-El[src]

The Mirnor of Auri-El is an Altmer priest outside Skywatch. He can be found preaching to several Skywatch Celebrants.


  • "The Hand of Auri-El is always on our shoulder. Guiding us through life and protecting us from harm."
  • "The Eye of Magnus is always upon us, in the spells and enchantments that devout Mages conjure."
  • "The Arm of Trinimac bears arms against our enemies, shielding us in our darkest hour."
  • "The Bones of Y'ffre surround us, giving us food, shelter, warmth, and companionship."
  • "The Mouth of Xarxes whispers in our ear, encouraging us to always learn, always seek, and always discover."
  • "The Heart of Mara beats beneath the breast of every mer, connecting us by blood and spirit."
  • "The body of the divine wills us into being. Venerate the gods as one. For we are one with the gods."


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