Missing Person Case is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


The quest centers on a missing person, whose whereabouts the Hero of Daggerfall must uncover by speaking to some suspects.


  • Ask around for the whereabouts of suspects
  • Locate and speak to the suspects
  • Report the findings to the Questgiver


The Hero of Daggerfall is asked to locate a missing person and is given some leads as to who might have seen the person in question. The Hero must then ask around for the locations of the suspects. When spoken to the suspects will say what they know. While the missing person is never found, The Hero does discover what became of them. Two possible endings for the quest are that the missing person left town, or was arrested. The Hero can then give this information to the questgiver and receive their reward.


I agreed to help [Questgiver] find [Missing person] she has been missing for four days. My only clues are that she has been seen with [Suspect 1] and [Suspect 2] recently. If I do not succeed withing two days, I will not get paid.