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Not to be confused with Morvayn Manor.

Mission to Morvayn Manor is a faction quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is a House Redoran quest given by Brara Morvayn in Ald'ruhn. The quest will only become available after reaching the rank of House Brother.


"Brara Morvayn asked me to bring the Ash Statue from Morvayn Manor, which is west of Skar, to Lloros Sarano at the Ald'ruhn Temple so that he can destroy it."
Nerevarine's Journal[src]



Once the Nerevarine has solved the issue caused by the quest "The Mad Lord of Milk," the Nerevarine may speak to Brara Morvayn in the Morvayn Quarters, inside the Redoran Council Hall. It is revealed, when Brara, explains that an ash statue in her Manor attracted a hoard of Corprus beasts, who killed her husband, forcing her to reside within the Council Hall instead of her own manor. She, then, requests that the Nerevarine remove the statue and bring it to Lloros Sarano for it to be destroyed.

Morvayn ManorEdit

The Morvayn Manor can be found to the east of Under-Skar in Ald'ruhn. Inside the Manor, the Nerevarine, will encounter several hostile corprus creatures. After dealing with tthe creatures, the Nerevarine must find and retrieve the Ash Statue before leaving the Manor.

Destroying the statueEdit

The Hero must now speak with Lloros Sarano inside Ald'ruhn Temple. He will thank the Nerevarine for retrieving the Statue, then, proceeds to destroy it. The Nerevarine must now return to Brara in order to complete the quest and receive the Amulet of Mighty Blows.


Morvayn Manor
IDJournal Entry
10Brara Morvayn asked me to bring the Ash Statue from Morvayn Manor, which is west of Skar, to Lloros Sarano at the Ald'ruhn Temple so that he can destroy it.
  • Quest accepted
50I delivered the Ash Statue to Lloros Sarano. I should speak with Brara Morvayn again.
 100 Brara Morvayn thanked me for destroying the Ash Statue.
  • Quest complete


  • Brara's husband has already succumbed to the Ash Statue's curse.
    • For the quest "Redoran Hortator," the Nerevarine must speak with Brara to get the Morvayn's family support.

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