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Misty Grove is an otherworldly region in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Dragonborn can gain access to Misty Grove during the quest "A Night to Remember."


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Misty Grove

The Dragonborn retraces their steps and will eventually find themselves at Morvunskar, in which the portal to Misty Grove is located. After traveling through the portal, the Dragonborn will travel along a path towards a dining table in the middle of the forest where some guests have gathered. There is one that stands out more than the rest, and this happens to be the Daedric Prince of debauchery, Sanguine.

After a brief conversation with Sanguine, he reveals that he disguised himself as Sam Guevenne, and he goes on to award the Dragonborn with the Sanguine Rose. This staff had originally been promised to the Dragonborn if they were to win the drinking contest. Sanguine then proceeds to teleport the Dragonborn out of Misty Grove and back to the inn where they began.

Trivia Edit

  • Items in this area are unowned and as such taking them will not incur a bounty or any other consequence.
  • The characters sitting in the chairs cannot be pickpocketed nor interacted with, and if attacked they will only give generic responses.


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