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Modellus, sometimes referred to as Lord Modellus, was a member of the Elder Council in 3E 120.[1]

First Modellus' appearance dates 3E 120. He is mentioned in the The Wolf Queen, Book V. It is said that Modellus was already a member of the Elder Council. Modellus' and the then Princess Kintyra's relationship is also revealed. By the time Modellus and Kintrya II was already engaged.[1]

Second Modellus' appearance dates only year after, 3E 121. He is mentioned in the The Wolf Queen, Book VI. During Empress Kintrya's rule during the War of the Red Diamond Modellus led one of Imperial Armies. He was stationed in the Imperial City, but got tricked by Potema. She sent Modellus a false letter from Kintrya and asked for reinforcements in Glenpoint. The exact date of it is unknown, but Modellus' army was ambushed and defeated in Dragontail Mountains.[2]

Kintrya's letter to Modellus reveals that they wanted to marry in the summer of 3E 121 in the Blue Palace. However the war got between them. Kintrya was captured in Glenpoint and Modellus himself was defeated in an ambush. They never got married.[2]