"If you're not here to fish, leave me be!"
―Mog gro-Yggrub[src]

Mog gro-Yggrub is an Orsimer residing in Jathsogur, Malabal Tor. He is found fishing at the docks west of the bridge.


"Hear a lot of noise going on up there? Anything I need to be concerned about?"

That's up to you. Feel like fighting?
"If I felt like fighting, I'd fight. But I feel like fishing today, if it's all the same to you. I'm sure there's plenty of other Drublog that will indulge you, if you want to fight."

Who are the Drublog?
"Wood Orcs, of course! But you know that. We're the biggest tribe in Malabal Tor. Some, especially Chief Nagoth, think we should've been asked to join the Aldmeri Dominion, but I'd just as soon be left alone. Still, it's caused trouble. There'll be fighting.
Why do the Drublog want to fight?
"All Drublog like to fight! We do it to prove ourselves. The strongest must always show their strength. But I've proven myself enough. I don't care what Chief Nagoth wants us to do, I'm gonna fish today!"
Tell me about Chief Nagoth
"Quiet! You'll scare the fish. He's the Drublog's chieftain, of course. But he wants more. I think he wants to rule all the Wood Orcs of Malabal Tor and he's not afraid of getting outside help. Not the Drublog way, I think, but I'm just a fisherman."
What kind of help?
"You seen Elves runnin' around? The chief's been working with them for a few weeks, getting involved in politics or something. Only gonna end bad if you ask me. And you did ask me. Now, go away so I can catch my dinner!"