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Armigers Stronghold is a facility in the Waistworks of Molag Mar occupied by the Buoyant Armigers, a military force overseen by the Tribunal Temple. This location serves as a local headquarters for the organization. It is both a gathering place, and a home for members. Other than a lone prisoner the only non-member here is a Ulms, a Long Blade master trainer.


The Nerevarine traveled to Armigers Stronghold following Tuveso Beleth's request that a debt for services rendered be reclaimed on behalf of himself, and House Redoran. When negotiations with Giras Indaram failed to achieve results, the Nerevarine challenged him to a duel (as advised by his brother). Giras ultimately admitted defeat and upheld his word to repay the debt.


The only door to Armigers Stronghold is at the west end of Molag Mar's Waistworks. The entryway features two large columns, and some common weapons on display (four swords and a longbow). Tidros and Birer, two of the three Indaram brothers who reside at the stronghold can be found here. An incline leads down to the main area, where Ervesa Romandas stands at the base.

The rooms here are connected via a narrow hallway running east-west. To the east is a bedroom where a long blade master trainer, Ulms Drathen, loiters near a closet containing a random quantity of gold (up to three-hundred) and six pieces of armor.

TES3 Morrowind - Molag Mar - Armigers Stronghold interior

Giras Indaram and Llevena Sendas

Slightly northwest of the incline is a dining room with two tables placed adjacent to one another, seating up to eight hungry Armigers. Giras Indaram (the third Indaram bother and the member who owes a debt to House Redoran) can be found in this room along with Llevena Sendas. There is nothing of interest here.

West of the incline is a barracks area containing Odron Omoran and Dreyns Nelas. There are a couple of low-quality potions and three unlocked chests here. Further west is a prison cell containing a Thieves Guild member, Vuvil Senim. The door is locked and trapped, requiring the Armigers Stronghold Key or 55 security to open. The key is not difficult to acquire – it is sitting on a small ledge next to a glass lantern near the door. Some of the stronghold's inhabitants may become hostile if the Nerevarine opens the door, and Vuvil will not attempt an escape.


The following people can be found at Armigers Stronghold (all are Buoyant Armigers unless otherwise noted):


Master Trainer:


Notable itemsEdit

The following items can be found at this location:

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(Inside a closet in the eastern room.)


Potions and Beverages:



  • Ash Yam (x2)
  • 100–300 Gold (random, in a closet in the eastern room)
  • Miscellaneous Items (cups, plates, bottles, etc.)
  • Randomised Items (inside containers/sacks)


House RedoranEdit

Armor Repair Debts – Duel a Buoyant Armiger at the stronghold to reclaim a debt owed to House Redoran.