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Moldering Ruins

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Moldering Ruins
Moldering Ruins
Moldering Ruins Map
Hold Whiterun Hold
Type Ruin
Enemies Master Vampire, Vampire's Thralls, Death Hound

Moldering Ruins is a small draugr crypt location located in Whiterun Hold near The Reach, due west of Rorikstead between Bleakwind Bluff and Serpent's Bluff Redoubt.


The entrance, a trapdoor, is located in a tent that is guarded by a death hound and two vampire thralls. It can be accessed without starting either Dawnguard questline.

A master vampire and a vampire thrall can be encountered inside. Vine-covered objects block getting a clean shot at them from a distance. There is also a draugr whom the vampire may reanimate as an ally, but it will turn to ash when the vampire dies.

There are several burial urns and a large chest to loot. Hanging moss is plentiful inside.



It can be one of the locations of Meridia's Beacon, as well as being a possible location of many of Dawnguard's radiant side quests for both sides. This is also a possible location for the Companions Quest Family Heirloom and Rescue Mission.


This section contains bugs related to Moldering Ruins. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • Upon entering, most of the room might be glitched, making navigation confusing: Some walls missing, bedrolls floating and the Dragonborn can fall through some parts of the floor. Reloading the previous save and exiting and re-entering may fix this.


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