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Azura, Lady of Twilight, reigns over the Moonshadow.
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For the Greater Power, see Moonshadow (Greater Power).

Moonshadow is a plane of Oblivion governed by Azura. It is a twilight country of shades and half-thoughts that is inaccessible from Nirn, although this has not always been the case. Morian Zenas visited the plane while in a meditative state. The experience was scribed by his apprentice.[1]


It is a giant garden full of roses, a city of silver, and breathtaking vistas brimming with waterfalls, flowers, and majestic trees where the wind and rain carry heady perfumes, and the colors blur. The goddess herself resides in a palace of roses. The realm holds such beauty that it makes mortals half blind.[1]


Golden Saints are said to be one of her Daedra servants.


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