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Moonstone Ore

Last edited on March 25, 2014
by EbonySkyrim
Moonstone Ore
Ore moonstone
Base Value:
Type: Ore
FormID: 0005ACE0

Moonstone Ore is used to make Refined Moonstone at a Smelter. It is described as a yellow-cream stone. They are used in creating and improving Elven items and creating Glass armor and weapons.

Moonstone Ore Vein

Moonstone Ore Veins can be mined with a pickaxe to obtain Moonstone Ore. Each vein has a chance to produce a precious gem.


Moonstone Ore can be purchased from Blacksmith merchants or found:


Source Weight Gold Ingot Weight Gold
Moonstone Ore (2) 2 60 Refined Moonstone 1 75


  • Moonstone Ore is the only one of the ores that has a "carved" appearance, suggesting that it is either quartz-like or stone-like, not being a metal at all.
  • Moonstone is in real life a silicate gemstone of Feldspar variety, which has a similar appearance as it has in Skyrim.