Moroni Uvelas is a Dunmer trader who works in the St. Olms Brewers and Fishmongers Hall in the Vivec, St. Olms Canton. She is married to Danar Uvelas, a Skooma-addict who takes all her hard-earned money for his addiction.


The Short Unhappy Life of Danar UvelasEdit

Moroni Uvelas is missing her husband Danar Uvelas for some days. Danar is a Skooma addict and Moroni fears that he has contracted Corprus during one of his Skooma-induced wanderings, as he looked badly the last time she saw him. She asks the Nerevarine to look for him, and cure him if possible.


Opening dialogue "Greetings, traveler. Perhaps I might interest you in some wares? Although, it is hard to work with my poor husband gone missing."

Danar Uvelas "Yes, that's my husband. I only wish I knew what had become of him."

gone missing " husband, Danar Uvelas, is missing again. It happens with him. See, he has a problem with skooma, although he swears he's been trying to stop. Last time he disappeared it was for days, and when he came back, he didn't look so good. I'm worried that he might have been infected with corprus, or something equally horrible. Do you think you might be able to find him for me?"
I will find your husband. "You will? I can't tell you how relieved that would make me. Danar and his no-good friends sometimes take to the Underworks near here when they've got some skooma. You might find him down there."
I cannot help you. "No? Well, I can't blame you. My problems are my own, and I've no reason to expect anyone else to help me out."
gone missing "I just want to find my husband again."
gone missing "You've found my husband's ring? Oh, he must have.... Oh, no. Then the worst has come to pass. I can't say that I'm surprised, though it is difficult to hear. He had been heading toward such an end for years now. Thank you for your help, [player's name]. Please, take this for your troubles. Maybe they will do you some good."

latest rumors "Rumors? Sorry, I haven't really been paying attention to those things since my husband has gone missing."

Moroni Uvelas "I am she. How may I help you?"