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Morthal is a small city in North central Skyrim in the Drajkmyr Marsh[1]. A common legend about The Pale Lady has been spread around Morthal. It tells of a story about a dangerous ghost who stalks the marshes to find her daughter.[2]


Morthal is the only city to not be built on the main roads of Skyrim. The city is located of the road between Snowhawk and Stonehills. The city has one long stretch of road in the middle of it where the inn, lumbermill, and the Jarl Longhouse are located. The city then extends to long boardwalk where the residential homes are found.


Early Years

Morthal was named after legendary hero Morihaus, the consort of Queen Alessia, the wielder of Lord's Mail, and the father of the first Minotaur, Belharza[3].

Fourth Era

Main article: Morthal (Skyrim)

Morthal was apart of the Mede Empire during the Skyrim Civil War. The Jarl at the time was Idgrod Ravencrone. Morthal suffered from a house fire in the central side of the city. The Last Dragonborn arrived to the city, and decided to help in the investigation of the house fire. He eventually found a vampire lair outside the town.

Clan Axe-Bearer lived the city of Morthal for many years, they were a part of the Inner Circle who wanted to destroy the Mythic Dawn cult. During the Skyrim Civil War, the 8th Generation of the Clan, Jorgen Axe-Bearer guarded the Hilt of Mehrunes' Razor in his riverside home.[4]



  • Morthal is the only city in Skyrim to not originate in Arena.
    • Morthal replaced Snowhawk as the city in Hjaalmarch.

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