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Moslin's Dry Goods

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Moslin's Dry Goods
Hackdirt Moslin's Dry Goods
Store Type General Goods
Location Hackdirt
Merchant Etira Moslin
Gold Limit 200GoldIcon
Skill Trained None

Moslin's Dry Goods is the General Store in Hackdirt. Etira Moslin sells arrows and bear pelts, as well as a small assortment of other general goods.

Etira is a very difficult merchant, having little gold to barter with and starting with a low disposition toward the Hero. She doesn't have any unique items for sale.


The bottom floor of the establishment is the shop, consisting of the counter, basic furniture, a fireplace, and a trapdoor leading to Hackdirt Caverns.

The top floor is Elita's one-room living quarters. A few gold coins, numerous articles of clothing, and a Detect Life Potion can be found there.


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