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Moss Mother Cavern

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Cave  Moss Mother Cavern
Moss Mother Cavern
Moss Mother Cavern MapLocation
Hold Falkreath Hold
Location West of Whiterun
Type Cave
Quests Find Runil's Journal
Hunter and Hunted
Characters Valdr
Enemies Spriggans
Location ID MossMotherCavernExterior01

Moss Mother Cavern is a cave located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is west of Whiterun and almost directly southeast of Rorikstead, at the end of the mountain range.


About five blue butterflies and a number of monarch butterflies can be found close to the entrance. The main cavern is a large, lush area with an opening to the sky which allows ample light to illuminate the cave. A stream enters the cave high on one wall, creating a waterfall that feeds into a pool surrounded by trees and grass.

The first time the cavern is entered, the dead hunters, Ari and Niels, will be found here.


Hunter and HuntedEdit

When the Dragonborn arrives, there will be an injured man, Valdr, outside the cave. He is affected by Spriggan poison. He can be healed by giving him a potion, or using a spell like Healing Hands. After healing him, he will ask the Dragonborn to clear out the cave of Spriggans so he can get to the bodies of his fallen friends. Upon completion of this task, the Dragonborn will be rewarded with Valdr's Lucky Dagger, and invited to his home in Falkreath.

Find Runil's JournalEdit

Runil asks to find his journal, which may be here as a possible location for Runil's Journal.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Chest - found by walking from the entrance to a pile of rocks, turning south, and jumping up on the ledge. The chest is behind a tree trunk.
  • Large Chest - on a ledge, on the opposite side of the pond from the waterfall (to the south).
  • Miscellaneous Items - at a hollow tree trunk on the left wall shortly after entering the main cavern.
  • One gold ore vein - on a bank above the pond.
  • One iron ore vein - where the Dragonborn encounters the first spriggan on the ledge.
  • Valdr's Lucky Dagger - Given by Valdr as a reward for clearing the cave.
  • Levelled weapon and shield - Found at the bottom of the small pool of water.




  • When the Dragonborn gives Valdr, the hunter in front of the cavern, a healing potion, the hunter can then be killed and the potion recovered. However, the Dragonborn then cannot receive Valdr's Lucky Dagger.


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  • There might be no quest marker for the quest.
    • A solution is to enter the cave normally and not take anything from the hollow tree trunk.
  • Upon receiving the dagger, the quest may not be completed. Instead, Valdr holds his normal interactions.


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