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Temple of the Ancestor Moths Praying

Moth Priests praying

Moth Priests are members of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, who normally reside in either the Temple of the Ancestor Moths or in the libraries of the White-Gold Tower.


Moth Priests believe it is their sacred duty to study the Elder Scrolls. The priests study and discern the Scrolls in order to divine the future and use the knowledge to aid the Emperor. They also guard the deeper parts of the Temple of the Ancestor Moths where they reside. In combat they typically wield an Akaviri Katana or Dai-Katana. Sometimes, the priests may venture out into the world to search for more scrolls for the library in the White-Gold Tower.[1]

Moths Priests eventually become blind as a result of continuous reading of the Elder Scrolls. Typically, this occurs due to a combined result of both decades of studying the scrolls and old age. However, Dexion Evicus became blind early in his life due to a lack of proper preparation before reading from an Elder Scroll.[1]

Known membersEdit

Moth Priest Kellen (Trailer) - Legends

Kellen the moth priest of The Elder Scrolls: Legends



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