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"I'm the Jarl's personal blacksmith, but that doesn't mean I can't sell you a few pieces for a fair price."
―Moth gro-Bagol[src]

Moth gro-Bagol is an Orsimer who lives in Markarth.


He is found in Understone Keep, upstairs and to the right, he serves as Blacksmith to the Jarl. With the Amulet of Mara, Moth gro-Bagol becomes a marriage candidate for the Dragonborn.

He is also a quest giver. He requires a Daedra Heart, which he will exchange for one piece of leveled Light Armor or Heavy Armor. He needs the heart to prepare a special blade for Jarl Igmund.

He is the brother of Ghorza gra-Bagol, and has influence with the Orc Strongholds of Skyrim. If given a Daedra Heart, he may send word to the Strongholds that the Dragonborn is to be trusted, granting admission.


Coated in BloodEdit

Moth employs the Dragonborn to locate a Daedra Heart in exchange for a piece of Light or Heavy Armor.

The Fishing JobEdit

Delvin may also target him for a Thieves Guild Fishing quest.


  • When married to the Dragonborn, his business makes a daily profit of 100 GoldIcon. The Dragonborn can choose to collect the sum daily or allow it to stack. As a shop-owner, the Dragonborn can buy and sell items with him.
  • He sends Hired Thugs after the Dragonborn if they steal from him.
  • Moth served with Thongvor Silver-Blood in the Imperial Legion, describing him as "a good man and a tough soldier".
  • If the Hearthfire DLC is installed, and Moth gro-Bagol is married to the Dragonborn and they have adopted children, he will comment on how the children are doing while living in every different player home. If living in Vlindrel Hall, Moth will comment that they are "fine", althought the "city isn't safe but that's good" as it "keeps a kid on edge and alert" which could "keep them alive when they grow up."
  • He seems to rather like Lakeview Manor as well, saying that the children are better than ever, and that there is "nothing like living off the land to teach you how to fight, how to survive." He also mentions how himself and the Dragonborn will have a little warrior on their hands in no time.
  • He also seems partial to Breezehome, claiming that the kids are fine and that there are plenty of kids for them to spar and play with. He also says that Whiterun has "plenty of trades to learn" and that it's a "good place to raise a child".
  • He seems to have a strong dislike for Honeyside. If asked how the children are doing while living here, he will gruffly reply that Riften is "crawling with thieves and cowards" and that a child could learn some bad habits there.


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