Mount Anthor is a dragon lair in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


It is southwest from Winterhold. The fastest way is to fast travel to Saarthal and walk directly south. By climbing higher up the mountain, the Dragonborn will eventually reach Mount Anthor summit. This area will be inhabited by two spellcasters (level dependent on that of the Dragonborn), if approached before completing the quest "Dragon Rising."


Mount Anthor's history can be traced back to the First Era, when King Olaf One-Eye subdued the great dragon Numinex in a legendary duel of Thu'ums, and brought him back to the fledgling town of Whiterun as a captive. It was then that the magnificent keep of Dragonsreach was rebuilt and renamed to serve as a cage for Numinex, whose head still adorns the Great Hall.[source?]


Bounty QuestsEdit

Malur Seloth of Winterhold will offer the Dragonborn a quest to kill the dragon that inhabits Mount Anthor. Killing the beast will earn them 500 gold.

Notable itemsEdit

  • There is a Word Wall with a word for the shout Ice Form.
  • There are six ore veins nearby that replenish themselves every week or two. There is a corundum ore vein on the path between the Word Wall and Alftand. There are two iron ore veins – one barely north of the arch in front of the wall, and one on the path that goes up southeast of the wall. From the peak of that path (this tends to be the easiest spot to start a climb up the mountain to the dragon's perch), it is possible to work the way up to the top of the mountain. There a moonstone ore vein can be found just above where the dragon sleeps, as well as one quicksilver ore vein and one silver ore vein (see below):
    • Tucked away between two small peaks just northwest and slightly up from the moonstone ore vein is a Dwemer shrine that is guarded by two Ice Wraiths. There is an enchanted Dwarven Weapon (level dependent), two chests, a quicksilver ore vein, and several potions on top of the shrine itself (see: Mount Anthor Summit). All, including the ice wraiths respawn about once a week, with the exception of the weapon.
    • South of Mount Anthor summit, slightly down the mountain, is a small outcrop with a flag stuck in it. There is a silver ore vein there, as well as a random helmet, weapon, and satchel there. All respawn regularly.



  • It is the only dragon lair with no treasure chest.



This section contains bugs related to Mount Anthor. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • Sometimes the quest will instead point to Solitude docks instead of Mount Anthor, and upon venturing to Mount Anthor, it will have no dragon.
    •  PC   360   Target a different quest and fast travel to the summit, and it may appear.
  • Sometimes the quest will point to Fallowstone Cave, instead. The dragon cannot be found inside the cave or in the hills above it.
  •  360   PS3   Occasionally, the Ancient Dragon that resides here will generate multiple dragon souls. Not all at once, but since it respawns regularly, there is a chance that each kill could result in another soul from the same dragon.
  •  360   The dragon may back itself into the word wall and become stuck.
  • In rare instances, the dragon here will be invincible after taking the quest to kill it, meaning it will be impossible to finish the quest.
    • Solution: Reload the game at a point before going to the Mount Anthor.
  •  360   During the quest given by Malur Seloth, if visiting the word wall before facing the dragon, the Dragonborn will not be able to get the shout after the dragon is defeated.
  •  360   The Word Wall may be invisible, leaving the words floating in the air.
  • The Word Wall can glitch, making it impossible to learn the word and unable to receive a new Word of Power quest from Arngeir.
  •  PC   360   PS3   No dragon can be encountered.
    • Solution: Mount a dragon using Bend Will and go to Mount Anthor. A dragon should be there now.
  •  PS3   The dragon may crash on top of the mountain, slide halfway down, and float off into the distance, causing it to despawn.
  •  360   The dragon may sink into the ground and disappear.


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