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Mountain Lion

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Mountain Lion
Mountain lion
Basic Info
Level 10
Health-icon 160
MagickaIcon 0
Stamina 200
DamageIcon 32
Resistance Frost Resist 20%
Soul Size Common (800)

Mountain Lions are dangerous predators that can be found throughout Cyrodiil. With the exception of quests, Mountain Lions are found starting around level 12. They reliably spawn, along with a mix of other creatures, in Breakneck Cave west of the Imperial City. They appear to be more common in the area around the Jerall Mountains,  though they do not make a presence in Skyrim.

Normal Mountain Lions will not attack one wearing the Boots of the Crusader. However, all other varieties of mountain lion are unaffected by the boots and will attack the Hero as usual.

They have the following characteristics:


Damage typesEdit

  • Physical
  • Possibility of being infected with the disease Wither (10% chance)



  • Starving Mountain Lion – Weaker than a regular Mountain Lion, only appears in the A Rat Problem quest.
  • Mountain Lions (Invisible) – Found outside Fort Caractacus


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