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Mudan-Mal Egg Mine is a House Telvanni quest, given to the Nerevarine, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Having convinced Baladas Demnevanni to join the Telvanni council, the Nerevarine will have been named Master Aryon's Mouth. As Mouth of Aryon, the Nerevarine's first task will be to cure the blighted Kwama Queen in the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine.

Kwama Queen

Kwama Queen

Cure the QueenEdit

Aryon will offer to teach the Nerevarine the Cure Blight Disease spell before they depart for the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine. The Mine itself can be found to the west of Tel Vos, with the Queen found in the largest chamber in the rear of the Mine. The Nerevarine must cast the Cure Blight Disease spell to cure the Queen before returning to Aryon. Aryon will reward them with an alteration skill book, Breathing Water, and the next quest, Wizard Spells.


Mudan-Mal Egg Mine
IDJournal Entry
10Master Aryon asked me to cure the blighted Kwama queen in the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine which is west of Aryon's tower in Tel Vos.
  • Quest accepted
20Master Aryon taught me how to cast a targeted spell of cure blight.
70I cured the kwama queen in the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine.
 100 Master Aryon thanked me for curing the Kwama queen in the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine.
  • Quest Complete


  • Any form of the Cure Blight Disease spell will work on the Queen (such as scrolls).

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