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Mud Crab
Basic Info
Level 2
Health-icon 35
MagickaIcon 4
Stamina 30
Spells/Abilities Water Breathing
Soul Size Petty
Ref ID 000DED7A
Base ID 000E9010

Mudcrabs are large crabs found near almost any body of water and even in sewers in the Elder Scrolls series. The species seems to evolve differently depending on its surroundings. They are tough and territorial, and large groups of mudcrabs may become troublesome. Individually, they are more of a nuisance than an actual danger. They often conceal themselves in muck or soft soil, causing wanderers to mistake them for rocks. Mudcrabs are typically detected by the loud scuttling of their legs as they move.

Tamriellic cultureEdit

Mudcrabs are particularly known for their weakness and ugly appearance. While unremarkable in most provinces, the creature has gained a large fascination in Cyrodiil near the end of the Third Era, as evidenced in Oblivion. It's a fairly common pastime for Cyrodiillic people to express their dislike for the appearance of a mudcrab to each other. Occasionally, when Cyrodillians are in battle, they throw the taunt, "I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!" at their opponent. This could be taken as a very serious insult, as mudcrabs are very weak. It is not known if Cyrodiil retained this fascination in the year 4E 201, in which the events of Skyrim take place.

General traits shared by all speciesEdit

  • Deals physical damage.
  • Are able to breathe under water with a water breathing ability.
  • Are relatively slow.
  • Can swim well, but cannot attack while in water except for the ones in Skyrim.

Species of mudcrabEdit

Morrowind MudcrabsEdit

Main article: Mudcrab (Morrowind)
Mudcrab (Morrowind)
A Morrowind Mudcrab in the process of attacking.
EbonySkyrimAdded by EbonySkyrim

This species of mudcrab resemble large, brown stones.  They use this disguise to both avoid predators and fool prey before attacking with their powerful jaws and pincers, which can transmit swamp fever to their victims.

The Redoran Manor District and Council halls in Ald'ruhn are located in a massive shell that once belonged to a mudcrab of incredible size.

Cyrodiilic mudcrabsEdit

Cyrodillic mudcrab
A Cyrodiilic Mudcrab.
EbonySkyrimAdded by EbonySkyrim

This type does not posses the ability to camouflage itself as a rock. It's also much more crablike in appearance compared to its Morrowind cousin, in that it has pincer arms instead of jaws. Its back is covered by rock-like bulbs. It can infect its victims with swamp fever.

Skyrim mudcrabsEdit

Main article: Mudcrab (Skyrim)

Skyrim mudcrabs look like crabs, like their Cyrodiillic cousins, but are also capable of pretending to be a rock like their Morrowind relatives. They are greyish in color and their back looks like a rock. They often attack in a group of two or three. They burrow themselves in the ground so only their backs are visible to fool potential enemies. Young mudcrabs have flat carapaces. Another remarkable thing about Skyrim mudcrabs is that they are a lot stronger and more aggressive than those from Morrowind and Cyrodiil

However, in contrast to them, the Skyrim mudcrab do not infect other creatures with diseases. Mudcrabs prefer to stay near the water and won't follow their enemies too far away from its home. There also appears to be two distinct genders, or possibly a sub-species, with specimens of differing sizes. Upon visiting the fossilized giant mudcrab, various sized mudcrabs can be seen at this location. Though weak and easily killed by those with even a low archery skill, arrows will not penetrate a mudcrab's shell, instead bouncing back towards the archer, still inflicting damage.




Unique mudcrabsEdit

Mudcrab MerchantEdit

A mudcrab living on an island in Morrowind. He has no physical differences from a regular mud crab, prompting many to attack him. However, it is possible to talk or trade with him, and he has 10,000 gold to spend.

Spectral MudcrabEdit

A spectral mudcrab can be found in Mankar Camoran's Paradise. It appears to be a ghostly version of a mudcrab, and can only be killed with silver, daedric, or magic weapons.

King MudcrabEdit

A giant mudcrab, (roughly the size of eight mudcrabs although no stronger), can also be found in Greenmead Cave, a cave halfway between Skingrad and the Imperial City on the Gold Road. It guards multiple treasure chests. Other than its size, the giant mudcrab has the same amount of health and damage ratio as any regular mudcrab. It doesn't even carry any more crab meat. Because of its incredible size, the crab moves far faster than a normal one.

Fossilized Giant MudcrabEdit

Found in Skyrim at a small pond between Swindler's Den and Broken Fang Cave is the carcass of a giant fossilized mudcrab, surrounded by regular mudcrabs of different sizes. This dead giant crab cannot be reanimated by using conjuration spells, as it seems to be only the shell of the gigantic mudcrab.

Guardian MudcrabEdit

A Guardian Mudcrab is fought during Kyne's Sacred Trials and only shows up during this quest. It is the size of a king mudcrab.


Pincer is a small mudcrab in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire. If an adopted child may bring Pincer home with them and ask if they can keep it. If permission is given, it will stay in the house as long as it lives.

Old SaltyEdit

Main article: Old Salty

Old Salty is a giant mudcrab, found in Dragonborn. It is a newly introduced giant creature, along with Lord Tusk, a giant horker.


  • Mudcrabs could be considered useful for leveling up the block skill. Using a shield or a weapon to block an attacking mudcrab will allow only a little damage, but is as helpful to the Block skill as blocking any other attack.
  • In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, if Blaise at Katla's Farm is adopted, there's a chance of him getting a pet mudcrab by it following him home.
  • Mudcrabs are in fact the strongest creature in the game. However due to it's low health and the atmosphere of Nirn, it's severely weakened. It has been reported by ancient necromancers that Mudcrabs are the true Daedric Princes and what we see now is a mere petty illusion.


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