"The library is grand, isn't it? Not as grand as it once was, I suppose. But the years are long and the past has no greater enemy than the present moment."
―Muhay at-Naruk[src]

Muhay at-Naruk is a Redguard member of the Star-Gazers residing at the Star-Gazers' Observatory and Belkarth.


Star-Gazers and the Celestials

Tell me more about the Star-Gazers. "I'd regale you with tales of our glory days, but there are none. There have been many of us over the year—fractious, decadent and insular, until they faded from existence. Our order would have followed the same course, were it not for Hara."

What can you tell me about Hara? "She's a strange one. Came out of the desert one day, spouting terrible prophecy about stars falling from the sky and a serpent let loose on an unsuspecting world."
She foresaw the current situation? "No one foresaw this—sand warriors attacking, atronachs in rebellion against their masters, strange and formless beasts .... But Hara saw a glimmer of what was to come. Because of her, we were able to prepare and protect Belkarth."
Seems like an interesting coincidence. "We live in perilous times. We're always one interesting coincidence away from destruction. Me? I'm too old to ask such questions."

What do you know about the Celestials? "I could tell you a thousand things about the Celestials, but not a single one of them would be true. Are they stars fallen from the sky? Are they guardians created by some lost civilization? Are they a Daedric trick, played on us by Sheogorath?"

I thought it was your job to study these things. "It's my job to protect what little we know from disintegration and loss. It's for others to plumb fathomless mysteries and lose their minds seeking answers."


  • "I'm already beginning to record the events that have transpired. How exciting! As far as we know, this is the first time a Celestial has lingered so long among mortals like this." (After completing "The Missing Guardian")