"I oversee Markarth Smelter. Worker gets out of line, I get him back in line."
―Mulush gro-Shugurz[src]


Mulush is an Orsimer and is in charge of overseeing the Markarth smelter. He is very demanding of his workers and gives them little time to rest during the day.

Mulush also seems to live in Markarth with a member of his own family, the Cidna Mine prison warden, Urzoga. Despite this, he lives alone in the Smelter Overseer's House to which he possesses the key.


Mulush is heavy handed in his dealings with his subordinates. One of which, Omluag, will give the Dragonborn a miscellaneous task to talk Mulush into giving him more breaks. There are 3 options to pick from: Intimidate, Persuade, or Bribe. Any of the three should work.


  • "If a man has time to complain, he has time to work."
  • "I oversee the Markarth smelter. Worker gets out of line, I get him back in line."
  • "I tell Thonar I can only smelt what Nepos and his miners dig up."
  • "Shipment of silver this month is behind. Nepos is to blame, not me."
  • "These workers. Always complaining. Always excuses."
  • "These workers are as lazy as a pack of city orcs."
  • "You don't like Nords? Fine. But devoting your whole life to fighting them? That's just dumb." —Referencing the Forsworn



  • If the Dragonborn decides to side with the Forsworn in the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine, Mulush is likely to be killed in the battle as he engages in combat but wears no armor.
  • Should the Dragonborn have killed Madanach during this quest, they may be approached by a courier as soon as they exit Cidhna Mine's not-so-secret back exit. Once Thonar is done talking, they are handed a letter from Mulush in which he announces he knows who killed Madanach, but that he will keep quiet about it and is actually thankful, claiming that Madanach won't be missed. This is most likely based on Mulush being flagged as a Forsworn, as mentioned below.
    • This, though rarely, can also happen when Nepos the Nose is killed.
  • Mulush's faction is set to Forsworn in the game files, despite this, if Madanach and the other members of the Forsworn are released from the mine, they are hostile towards him.

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