Murbul is an Orsimer destruction mage residing in the stronghold of Dushnikh Yal, where she serves as the community's wise woman.


She is the mother of Chief Burguk, and is thus the stronghold's acting wise woman. Being the oldest and most knowledgeable individual in the community, many come to her seeking advice and guidance, so that they can remain true to the Code of Malacath. She serves as a spiritual leader, performing ceremonies in which she reads the entrails of animals.

Being the local alchemist, she will sell some of her potions and ingredients. Her workshop is near Burguk's Longhouse, and contains an alchemy lab with some ingredients and potions, as well as a tanning rack.



Burguk: "Tell me, mother, does Malacath favor our stronghold?"
Murbul: "He is pleased. Ours is the strongest tribe in all the Reach."