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"You seek now the seventh piece of the Staff of Chaos. I have found that this piece lies in a place called Murkwood, the dark forest that ever moves. There can only be one of two provinces left that can hold this forest, Black Marsh or Morrowind. I would start my search in one of these..."
Ria Silmane[src]

Murkwood is the eighth main quest of The Elder Scrolls: Arena. In this quest, the Champion finds the seventh piece of the Staff of Chaos.


Quick WalkthroughEdit

  • Receive Ria Silmane's vision while sleeping.
  • Travel to the city of Stormhold, Black Marsh.
  • Talk to the Priest in the Conclave of Baal and accept his quest.
  • Travel to the Vaults of Gemin.
  • Retrieve the Tablet.
  • Give the Tablet to the Priest and he will mark the location of Murkwood on the map.
  • Travel to Murkwood.
  • Obtain the Seventh Piece of the Staff of Chaos from the center of the forest.


Ria SilmaneEdit

"Tharn is livid, scattering about the Imperial Palace like a rabid dog. You have caused him no end of worry. I am sure the Wizard's minions are tracking you. I will say no more, lest I tempt Fate. You seek now the seventh piece of the Staff of Chaos. I have found that this piece lies in a place called Murkwood, the dark forest that ever moves. There can only be one of two provinces left that can hold this forest, Black Marsh or Morrowind. I would start my search in one of these..."
―Ria Silmane[src]
Ria Silmane (Murkwood) vision

After conquering the Sixth Piece of the Staff of Chaos from the Crypt of Hearts, the Eternal Champion once more receives a vision of the deceased Ria Silmane during their sleep, during which the sorceress will warn the Eternal Champion about the rising worries of Jagar Tharn for their achievements. Ria Silmane also discovered the locations where the Seventh Piece of the Staff of Chaos remains: a dense, foggy and large forest known as Murkwood. The sorceress recommends the Eternal Champion starts looking in the two last provinces, Black Marsh and Morrowind.


Asking people about Murkwood will eventually lead the Eternal Champion to the city of Stormhold, located in the province of Black Marsh. The citizens of the city will direct the Eternal Champion to the temple Conclave of Baal, where the Priest should help to discover the location of Murkwood.

Inside the temple, the leader of the Conclave of Baal Idolan Lancaster will greet the Eternal Champion. The Priest tells that an apprentice of his temple used a spell of massive destruction potential in a location known as Vaults of Gemin to impress his masters. Due to its strength, the priests could not dispel the effect and were forced to destroy Vaults of Genim and bury the ruins. Idolan explains that a Tablet which would decipher the location of Murkwood was buried with the Vaults, and he then promises to reveal the Murkwood forest to the Eternal Champion if they recover the Tablet from the remains of the Vaults of Gemin.

After his deal is accepted, the priest will mark the location of the Vaults on the map.

Vaults of GenimEdit

Recommended effects:

  • Levitate – extremely useful during the Second Level of the Vaults. Two potions are enough; magic users can buy the spell in the Mages Guild.
  • Resist Fire – also useful during the Second Level of the Vaults against the Fire Daemons. One potion is enough.

Vaults of Genim is a dungeon which includes two levels. Creatures encountered in the ruins include Wraiths, Zombies, Hell Hounds, Homonculi, Stone Golems, and Fire Daemons.

First LevelEdit

Vaults of Gemin First Level

Vaults of Genim First Level.

The First Level is the greater one, it is composed by numerous rooms and corridors. Without a map it is very easy to get lost among the dark corners of the Vaults. The passage to the Second Level is located almost exactly south of the entrance. Observing the two greater corridors which are close to the entrance, it is visible that the correct path to reach it is the eastern corridor. Taking the western corridor will result in getting nowhere. Alternatively, a magic user can employ the spell Passwall to break the walls and reach the Second Level more safely. All the creatures reported before will appear in the First Level, with the exception of Stone Golems and Fire Daemons.

Second LevelEdit

Vaults of Gemin Second Level

Vaults of Genim Second Level.

The Second Level is by far smaller than the other. Like the Elden Grove, it is flooded, with water surrounding its soil. Its terrestrial components are composed of blocks linked to each other and smaller platforms. The Tablet which will reveal the location of Murkwood lies inside a small room which is guarded by two Fire Daemons. Using the effect Levitate will help to make the way shorter, however it is necessary to remember that Homunculi and Stone Golems will be standing above the platforms, and will attack the Eternal Champion with offensive Shock spells.

The bridges which connect the blocks can be used to sleep without being interrupted by enemies.

When reaching the room, its door will provide a riddle to be opened.


"Answer this, and pass-

I come out of the earth,
I am sold in the market.
He who buys me cuts off my tail,
Takes off my suit of silk,
And weeps beside me when I am dead..."

The answer is "Onion."


The Tablet.

After the door is opened, two Fire Daemons will attack the Eternal Champion (the effect Resist Fire should be used now if it was brought along). This creature uses fireballs at long range and its fiery pickaxe in melee. Caution should be exercised, for Fire Daemons are indeed some of the strongest creatures in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

The Tablet must be given to Idolan Lancaster, who will fulfill his promise and mark the deciphered location of Murkwood on the map.


Recommended effects:

  • Resist Fire – useful against Fire Daemons and Wraiths. Two or three are enough.
  • Cure Paralysis – useful against Medusas. Potion is called Potion of Free Action; two of them are enough.

Murkwood is located close to the center of Black Marsh. It is a large and dark agonizing forest surrounded by fog whose description says that "screams of lost souls can be heard from the mist." This dungeon is composed of two levels; creatures encountered inside it include Wolves, Wraiths, Homonculi, Iron Golems, Fire Daemons and Medusas.

First LevelEdit

Murkwood First Level

Murkwood First Level.

The First Level is the Forest itself. This zone is different from any other in the Main Quest, as it does not have fixed paths nor well defined walls. It is a large area surrounded by fog and is inhabited by Wolves, Wraiths, and Homunculi. After the Eternal Champion enters this zone, they must find the door to the Second Level, which is located right in the center of the Forest. Getting lost without a map is extremely easy.

The mist of Murkwood is a pervasive problem, as it disturbs the vision and prejudice identification of enemies. Caution should be taken, as the creatures inside the mist can be identified by their auditive signatures—the Wolves will emit a howling sound; Wraiths are identified by their deep moan; and Homonculi make an air-swooshing noise with their wings.

The center of the forest is distinguishable from other areas as it is possible to notice several walls which makes the path to the door of the Second Level. When approaching the center of the forest, the Eternal Champion may encounter stronger creatures than those in the larger area. Fire Daemons will be encountered close to the center, while the more dangerous and rare Medusas may be found while walking among the walls to the Second Level.

The door to the Second Level is protected by a gate, which shall provide a riddle in order to be opened when reached.


"To pass this portal, answer my riddle:

I tie and hold, capture and bind,
yet both knights and knaves doth crave me.
I faithfully enslave all within my grasp,
whether or not they seek me.
Yet those who have never felt my unmerciful hand,
are pitied by their fellow Man..."

The answer is "Love."

As the gate opens, the Eternal Champion must proceed to the Second Level.

Second LevelEdit

Murkwood Second Level

Murkwood Second Level.

The Second Level is nothing more than a little area in which the Seventh Piece of the Staff of Chaos is protected inside a room. The room in which the Staff Piece remains will provide another riddle. If the answer is not correct, several Iron Golems will exit their cages and attack the Eternal Champion, so once more caution should be exercised.


"A simple riddle for some,
A trap of eternity for others,

I run smoother than any rhyme,
I love to fall but cannot climb.
I tremble at each breath of air,
And yet can heaviest burdens bear..."

The answer is "Water."

The Eternal Champion can now conquer the Seventh Piece of the Staff of Chaos and get away of the lost forest.


Sixth Piece of the Staff of Chaos

Seventh Piece of the Staff of Chaos.

"You amaze me with your tenacity. It boots nothing to avoid my snares, for this game is at an end. The final piece of the Staff is in Dagoth-Ur, in the province of Morrowind. The information is useless to you, for none know the entrance to the volcano, and even if you survive the creatures I have sent against you now, you will not survive its depths. I bid you farewell, (player's name). You have been a most worthy opponent..."
―Jagar Tharn[src]

Jagar Tharn (Murkwood) ambush

Once more, Jagar Tharn will send his servants to defeat the Eternal Champion, trustful that his opponent will never complete the Staff of Chaos. After Tharn's subordinates are defeated, the Eternal Champion can now start their quest to conquer the eighth and final piece of the Staff of Chaos.


  • The First Level of Murkwood is one of the greatest zones in dungeons of the game, while, conversely, the Second Level is by far the smallest.
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