For the quest, see The Museum of Oddities.

The Museum of Oddities is located in Crucible next to Cutter's Weapons. The museum's curator is Una Armina.

The first time the Hero visits the Museum all the display cases are empty except one. Once the Hero has located an "odd" item, they can take it back here and donate it to the museum and receive a finders fee. Una offers tours of the museum at no cost. She seems to forget the Hero donated something to the museum immediately after she places it on display. Her dialogue may change depending on whether or not the Hero has taken on the role of Sheogorath or not.


The Museum of OdditiesEdit

Una Armina of the Museum of Oddities asks for odd things to display in her museum. When finding an oddity go back to the Museum and Una will reward a sum of GoldIcon. Note that if the Hero steal something and return it to her, she will say she doesn't have enough money to give them, so giving her the same "oddity" over and over will not work.



  • Once the Hero gets the Ring of Desiccation, and gives it back, Una Amina will wear it until she walks up the stairs and puts it back where you took it from.
  • This bears some similarity to the museum in the Tribunal expansion for Morrowind, wherein the Museum of Artifacts will buy certain unique equipment.