My Bruma House is a house for sale in Bruma that the Hero can purchase and upgrade to living standard.


Housename: My Bruma House

  • Location: Right next to the main gate.
  • Cost: 10,000 GoldIcon
  • Total Base Cost: 19,900 GoldIcon


A two-story log-house that costs 10,000 GoldIcon initially, in addition to the cost of furniture upgrades. Countess Narina Carvain will sell it to the Hero, but her disposition towards them must be at least 60. Furniture can be bought from Suurootan at Novaroma, which is between the Jerall View Inn and Nord Winds, one tier down from the castle.

This house is made up of one dining room, small foyer, medium-sized bedroom, and a few small storage areas.


Note: The values in the "base cost" column are unmodified by Mercantile, Personality, or disposition factors and will change to reflect this.

Upgrade Base Cost What you get
House Bedroom Area 1100GoldIcon 2 Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces, 1 Clothing Cupboard, 1 Dresser, 1 Chest, 1 Rug, 1 Candle Holder and Assorted Pottery and Potted Flowers
House Dining Area 1100GoldIcon 3 Chairs, 1 Rug, 1 Set of Shelves, Potted Flowers, Assorted Pottery and Utensils
House Kitchen Area 1100GoldIcon 1 Cupboard, 1 Wine Rack, 1 Chest, 1 Fireplace Rack, 1 Candle Holder, 1 Rug and Assorted Bottles and Pottery
House Lower Storage Area 1100GoldIcon 3 Barrels, 1 Chest, 1 Set of Shelves, 1 Small Table, 1 Bench, 1 Chair, 1 Rug and Assorted Pottery
House Lower Wall Hangings 1100GoldIcon 3 Paintings, 3 Tapestries and 4 Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces
House Study Area 1100GoldIcon 2 Bookshelves, 1 Desk, 1 Chair, 1 Candelabra and Assorted Candles
House Upper Sitting Area 1100GoldIcon 2 Tables, 1 Bench, 1 Chair, 1 Rug, 1 Candle Holder and Potted Flowers
House Upper Storage Area 1100GoldIcon 2 Chests, 1 Set of Shelves, 1 Small Table, 1 Candelabra and Assorted Pottery
House Upper Wall Hangings 1100GoldIcon 5 Paintings, 1 Tapestry and 2 Candle Holders
Upgrades Base Cost: 9,900 GoldIcon




  • Due to a bug that causes Suurootan to be killed by the guards, it is recommended to buy the house as early as possible.
  • As with all Nordic architecture, the house is built partially underground, and has a thatched log roof to conserve heat. Also, the bedroom is the lowest point of the house, and therefore the warmest.


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